About the Textbook

We distribute the user friendly scientific manual, An Ecological Guide to Sustainable Living in Southen Africa, by Prof M.L. Hugo and Jean Hugo,  in eBook format with multiple hyperlinks to all paragraphs for further study.

If interested you can leave a message on (+27) 82 578 3023 or 082 390 5201 or contact us on jeanhugo1000@gmail.com or leonhugo7777@gmail.com. A complementary electronic copy may be requested.

Also available are 7 FREE introductory lessons (called ECOSYSTEMS for NEWBIES) for beginners that have not had specialized exposure to prepare them for further studies in the environmental field.

The website expands the practical application and relevance of the textbook. Together, the manual and website will draw you right into the very heart of nature and it is guaranteed to change the way you think about your part in it forever.

Chapter Headings: